Dermatology in Varna

Естетична дерматология СанаМедик Варна

The science of Dermatology with its roots in Latin and Greek ( derma - Skin ; logos - science) shows that the study of the skin and everything related to it dates back to antiquity. Its main task is the study and treatment of the skin, all its structures and their conditions and problems - nails, hairs, skin growths, etc.

Aesthetic Dermatology Varna

What we have set as our goal and mission with the dermatology team at SanaMedic Varna is to always be at the top of our competencies and to never stop growing our knowledge and qualifications because we have noticed that this is what makes the difference for our patients.

Let's put it another way: for US, successful dermatology and medicine in general is built on 2 things: Qualified Specialists and Modern Technologies. These are the two aspects in which we invest all our efforts and resources.

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Лазерни терапии за лице

Each dermatologist in the SanaMedic Varna team attends various forums, seminars and trainings several times a year, which ensures their up-to-date expertise and constant synchronization with the latest trends and innovations in modern dermatology.

Thanks to the ambition of each of our dermatologists and the pursuit of all new developments and trends in the field, we have the opportunity to keep up with innovations that work. This allows us to properly invest in state-of-the-art laser platforms and technological equipment, which gives us the flexibility to find the individual solution to each one of you.


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Лазерни терапии за тяло

Laser technologies are an integral part of modern dermatology. Precisely because we realize how important they are, we rely on their quality and innovation.

The laser system we have is the CO2 fractional laser. Unlike standard CO2 lasers, fractional systems are much gentler on the skin, reduce recovery time and have minimal side effects, which is considered the most important by any good dermatologist. The system is used to remove capillaries, pigment spots, stretch marks, scars, moles, papillomas and other growths.

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Every month, a visiting dermatologist joins the dermatology team at SanaMedic Medical Center to conduct consultations, treatments and trainings. This is because we believe that in addition to receiving, it is also important to "give" expertise and knowledge, which would produce better dermatologists in Varna, regardless of where they work.