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лазарова логопед

Liliana Lazarova-Yaneva - speech therapist


Mrs. Lilyana Lazarova is a speech therapist with many years of experience in her specialty. She has participated in numerous scientific forums and projects. In her work she applies innovative methods for more effective treatment. 

consultation - BGN 60 /up to 60 minutes/
follow-up consultation - BGN 40 /up to 60 minutes/
diagnostics - 60 BGN /up to 4 sessions/
individual therapy - once a week - BGN 40
twice a week - BGN 35 per session/class
more than twice - BGN 30 per session/class

Therapy for speech therapy in SanaMedic Varna

логопед варна

The speech therapy office at SanaMedic Varna is modernly furnished with a welcoming atmosphere to make the visitor feel comfortable. The speech therapists, part of the centre's team, are highly qualified and educated specialists who have also gained extensive experience on the international stage. Some of them are active academics, having developed and published numerous scientific papers. In this way, they not only keep their expertise up to date, but also push the development of science forward.



Speech therapy

The speech therapy program can be different depending on the problem and the age, and it is adapted according to each student's learning speed. For example, if there are problems with the pronunciation of certain sounds, activities with the child or adult emphasise their acquisition. After each session, a report is made on how the pupil did, the number of correct answers they gave to the questions and the errors made. The aim is to monitor progress after each exercise and to be able to make a proper assessment of the effectiveness of the approach taken. During therapy, a speech therapist may conduct different games or exercises depending on the problem to be addressed and the age.

Therapy in children can be:

  • Interactive activities in which language development is stimulated and supported through talking, playing, using books, pictures and other objects.
  • The use of games that involve the correct pronunciation of sounds and consonants, through which the child learns their correct pronunciation.
  • The preparation of "homework" and tasks for parents to continue therapy with the children at home.

Therapy in adults may include:

  • Activities include memory and concentration tasks, case studies and other activities focused on cognitive skills.
  • Exercises to correct swallowing problems. May be a consequence of diseases, such as Parkinson's, that cause swallowing disorders.
  • Breathing exercises
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the mouth.

Innovative methods


Speech therapy is performed with an approach specific to each patient depending on his age, degree of disability and individual characteristics.

The therapy is supported by Biofeedback technologies - representing:

  • Respiratory biofeedback system for breathing exercises;
  • Vagus electrostimulation for non-invasive vagal nerve stimulation.
  • AVE - Audio - visual entrainment, synchronization of brain activity and arousal

Transcranial magnetic stimulation ( tDCS Presentq tACS Present)

логопед варна

A speech therapist can help with:

  • Articulation problems with sounds the omission or mispronunciation of sounds. A typical and most common example is for the letter "r".
  • Language interference - when we have trouble understanding what we hear or read, or when we find it difficult to express our thoughts.
  • Grammatical disturbance - Typically, people with speech and language problems also have difficulties with reading, pronunciation and writing.
  • Cognitive-communication disorders - include the inability to communicate socially, to follow generally accepted rules of communication and behaviour, to integrate into another environment. Every speech therapist is also a therapist. His task is to examine the environment in which the child develops and to help him in his mental development.
  • Voice problems - affects how our voice sounds, what is its intonation, strength and timbre. This is a more specific activity that not every speech therapist deals with.
  • Stuttering - has a bearing on the fluency of speech. It is typical for people who stutter to make multiple repetitions of the same letter, use a lot of "a's" and "e's" between words, or pause for long periods while speaking. Many children go through a phase of stuttering, and most outgrow it.
  • Cognitive impairment are related to how the brain processes information. The problem may be related to memory, concentration, problem-solving ability and other activities of thought.
  • Swallowing and feeding problems - often due to a disorder in breathing through the mouth and from the incorrect position of the tongue. The speech therapist has the task of correcting the breathing pattern, which directly affects the child's swallowing ability. Usually in such cases, the speech therapist and orthodontist work together.

логопед варна

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