Laser tattoo removalлазерно премахване на татуировки

In recent years, a trend has emerged that in proportion to the increasing number of people who get tattoos, the percentage of those who at some point resort to laser tattoo removal as the most advanced, efficient and least painful method of tattoo removal among men and women. Here's an interesting statistic. In the US, 1 in 5 people have a tattoo, 20% of whom regret it. Here's another fact- 74% of people who resort to tattoo removal with laser are educated women, single, aged 25-39. For Bulgaria we do not have a very clear static profile of these people, but we can certainly say from our practice at SanaMedic that the trend is increasing.

Why does color matter in tattoo removal ?премахване на татуировки с лазер

Due to the trend outlined above, the need for new technologies to effectively deal with remediation is also emerging. A few decades ago, mass tattoo removal consisted of black and blue ink. This has made 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers the gold standard in tattoo removal as it successfully treats dark ink. Today, however, tattoos are more subtle, containing multiple colors- pastel, bright, etc. This creates the need for new and different laser wavelengths as each color has a different level of light absorption. It is the ability to work with different wavelengths that really sets modern laser platforms apart and ensures efficiency with different ink types.

How does laser tattoo removal technology work?

One of the great advantages of the Israeli ALMA Harmony XL PRO laser platform, which we trust in our center, is precisely its ability to work deep into the skin and to combine two different laser lengths Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm ( black, blue and green ink) and 532nm ( red, orange and yellow) for effective tattoo removal with no scars. Q-switched лазерите излъчват мощни високоинтензивни импулси, които се поглъща от пигмента в кожата. Лазерният лъч като пневматичен чук  разбива пигмента на много малки частици, без да вреди на околната тъкан. Така раздробените структури вече могат да бъдат отведени и елиминирани от имунната система (фагоцитоза) в рамките на няколко седмици (Виж. илюстрацията).

премахване на татуировки варна

What result to expect ?

Laser tattoo removal is an endeavor that requires some consistency and a number of treatments to produce serious results. How many treatments are needed and how long the removal will take depends on factors such as the type and quality of ink, the location of the tattoo and whether it was done by a competent person. Of particular importance is how each individual's immune system functions. Usually about 4 to 5 treatments are sufficient. The final result depends on the same factors. Some tattoos can be removed completely(especially those with dark pigment). Much more difficult is the removal of tattoos with bright and light colors, where the pigment is more difficult to capture. They begin to lighten until they become very faintly visible.


Is the procedure safe ?

The light that is emitted from the Q-switched lasers is absorbed by the pigment in the skin, thus leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. The laser does not cause thermal damage to the skin, therefore tattoo removal is done with no scars and the skin structure is preserved intact. The recovery time is therefore shortened considerably. Before any laser or aesthetic procedure is carried out at our centre, each patient is examined by a specialist dermatologist in order to take into account the specifics of each case, find the best approach and ensure the health of the person.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The sensation during the procedure is similar to what you experienced during the tattoo application. At certain intervals you may experience a slight burning sensation. Our patients describe the manipulation as slightly uncomfortable. In case of higher sensitivity, the area is numbed by applying cream to the treated area.

Advantages of laser tattoo removal

  • safe way to erase unwanted tattoos
  • ефективното премахване на тъмните  и светли мастила
  • fast results after several treatments
  • without scars and skin damage
  • minimal discomfort

Price for tattoo removal:

(Final prices are determined after consultation with a dermatologist)
from BGN 50 to BGN 350 for one procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

Care after the tattoo removal procedure ?

After treating the area with the pigment, the skin becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to sunlight. It is advisable to avoid intense sun exposure for 2 weeks afterwards and use a sunscreen with SPF 50+ on the area.

Is there a recovery period ?

Due to Q-switched laser technology and developments from ALMA, recovery time is minimized. Immediately after the procedure, slight redness of the surrounding area is possible, which subsides within 24 hours.

Which areas can be treated?

Almost all areas can be treated: neck, cleavage, neck, face, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, etc.

At what interval are the procedures?

There is usually a 3-4 week wait between two treatments. In most cases between 4 and 5 treatments are enough to achieve the result.

When should I expect a result?

Веднага след първата процедура, пигмента изсветлява. Като няколко дни по-късно възвръща част от цвета си. Трайното избледняване започва да настъпва  след 5-6 седмици, т.е някъде след 2-та процедура. Като продължителността на периода зависи от множество фактори като цвят, място, имунна система, колко прясна е татуировката и т.н

Are there any contraindications?

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Allergies to tattoo pigments
  • Infectious diseases

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The great advantage of ND:YAG lasers is their long wavelength, which allows them to penetrate deep into the skin, treating the problem from within without damaging the superficial layers of the epidermis.