Inserting Filters

филъри за устни варна

The insertion of fillers is one of the most common in recent years ways to correct and shape different areas of the face. This is not without reason, as their use is currently among the most painless, safe, and effective ways to sculpt multiple parts of the face. No operative environment is required, the procedure takes minutes, the result is instantaneous, and the filler (filter) is broken down by the body over time, making it safe.

Filters- how do they work?

Knowing where the word comes from will give you half the answer. Filter comes from the English word "fill". I.e. the main purpose is to fill various depressions or empty spaces in the skin, thus achieving its tightening and wrinkle erasing. However, this is far from their only application. Insertion of fillers is also used to contour the face; fill acne scars; correct the shape of the nose; increase volume in the lips

филъри за устни цена

Types of fillers and which to choose?

Their main division is into those that are broken down by the body (resorption) and those that remain in it permanently. The permanent ones are composed of synthetic materials, which increases the risk of their rejection by the body. They carry a greater likelihood of infection and complications. The other group of fillers is of those that are composed of biological materials that are resorbed by the body over time. This makes them safe and widely applicable. They are most often composed of hyaluronic acid. It is a naturally occurring ingredient in the skin that is responsible for retaining water in the skin. These fillers are the safest and are recommended over other alternatives as they are completely compatible with the cells in the body.

филъри за устни

How the procedure works

Regardless of whether lip fillers, nose fillers or under eye fillers are placed, the patient must first undergo a consultation with a dermatologist regarding the intended result, the type and the required amount of product to be placed, and must be checked for any contraindications. Each person is different and needs a different approach to achieve the best result. This is what distinguishes a really good dermatologist - finding the most appropriate solution to each patient.

                            филъри за устни мнения

During the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the site of filler placement to reduce sensitivity. The dermal filler is then injected. The duration of the procedure is between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the amount of areas being treated. After the manipulation, you can safely return to your daily routine. Rarer cases are when swelling or bruising forms at the site of the puncture.

In which areas are fillers placed?

Lip filler placement and wrinkle smoothing are among the most common, but far from the only applications. The use of dermal fillers also occurs in the under-eye area. Depending on the case, some scars (from acne, for example) can also be removed. The contours of the face can also be reshaped- for example chin remodelling, facial oval or cheekbone volume. Nose reshaping with a filter is an alternative to the surgical approach. Depending on the injection site and the severity of the correction, fillers of different structures and densities are used. As the dermatologist should also consider the depth at which to place them. For example, to remove fine lines under the eyes, around the forehead or neck, fillers of lower density are used in the superficial layer of the skin. Deep creases above the chin, on the other hand, require a higher-density dermal filler.

What results to expect?

The great advantage of the placement of fillers is the immediate result immediately after the procedure. Depending on the intended effect and the amount of product used, the result can be one of lifting, tightening, volumizing, reshaping and also smoothing. It largely depends on the area where they are introduced.

Injection into the nasolabial folds

These are deep wrinkles located in the area between the edges of the lips and the nose. They appear after about the age of 30. By introducing a dermal implant, the area is filled and the creases are straightened.

                               филъри за лице варна

Nose correction with fillers

Of course, this method cannot be an absolute substitute for surgical intervention. The result that can be expected is a slight change in the symmetry and shape of the nose. This approach is recommended for cases where more subtle cosmetic corrections are needed rather than a complete restructuring of the nose.

                                              корекция на нос с филър

Fillers in the lips

You are probably already well acquainted with the effects that can be achieved here. The volume is visibly increased, and the lips themselves become shinier and softer. Since hyaluron breaks down over time, maintenance treatments need to be done periodically.

                     филъри в устните        филъри за устни

Fillers under and around the eyes

They are applied to treat wrinkles in the eye area, and in most cases are combined with Botox for optimal results. The principle of action of the two is different and so is the result. For example, deep creases are stretched from the inside by the insertion of a dermal filler, while wrinkles caused by facial expressions are dimmed with Botox.

                                         филъри под очите

Use of cheekbone fillers and for facial contouring

Главната цел е да се изравнят асиметриите по овала на лицето, в т.ч брадичката, скулите и бузите. Постига се максимално естествен ефект. Добра алтернатива е за случаите, когато са нужни леки корекции, за да се постигне желания резултат, като се избягва и хирургична намеса.

                               поставяне на филъри варна

What fillers do we use in SanaMedic?

Because we are a center that strives to provide the highest quality and impeccable results in every area of our business, dermatology is no exception. Here, we work with some of the biggest innovators and symbols of quality in the aesthetic field - the Swiss brand TEOXANE and its Teosyal fillers. They were also the first to patent the technology behind the next generation of fillers, the so-called RHA dynamic fillers, in 2016. In a nutshell, the technology behind them is that they contain longer and more elastic chains of hyaluronic acid, compared to regular one.

                                                      филъри teosyal варна

The result is that when placed in the mobile areas of the face, such as cheekbones, chin, forehead, the dynamic filter moves in unison with your facial expressions and stands completely natural, which is not always achievable with static fillers. With a wide range of filler types, both dynamic and dermal, our dermatologists have the freedom and flexibility to find the perfect match for your face so that the most natural, aesthetic and satisfying end result is achieved.

                                                              филъри teosyal варна

All our fillers have a European certificate of quality and origin. And our dermatologists attend numerous trainings and conferences, constantly upgrading their expertise. This is what ensures the high quality of the services we offer.


RHAI - from 400 to 450 BGN for one procedure
RHA II - from 450 to 550 BGN for one procedure
RHA III - from 500 to 600 BGN for one procedure
RHA IV - from 550 to 650 BGN for one procedure
Ridensity II 1 ml (eye area, puffiness and dark circles) - 510 BGN / procedure


Teosyal First Lines 0.7 ml (surface lines and wrinkles) 370 BGN / procedure
Teosyal Tuch Up 0.5 ml (medium wrinkles in all areas) - 300 BGN / procedure
Teosyal Global Action 1 ml (средно изразени бръчки във всички области) - from 400 to 440 BGN / procedure
Teosyal Deep Lines 1 ml (pronounced nasolabial folds, perioral) - from 450 to 480 BGN / procedure
Teosyal Kiss 0.7 ml – 390 лв  / процедура
Teosyal Kiss Pure Sense 1 ml (lip contour and volume) - 530 BGN / procedure
Teosyal ultra deep 1.2 ml (very deep wrinkles in tight skin) – 580 лв / процедура
Teosyal Ultimate 1 ml (shaping cheekbones, chin, creating facial volumes) - 550 BGN / procedure
Teosyal ultimate 3 ml ( shaping cheekbones, chin, creating facial volumes) - from 1000 to 1200 BGN / procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation before the procedure?

One week before the procedure, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and anticoagulants should not be taken. 48 hours before this, alcohol intake should be stopped.

Is there pain?

Theosual's fillers contain lidocaine, ensuring you maximum comfort during the procedure. A numbing cream is also applied before injection to reduce sensitivity. Discomfort is minimised, the sensation is of a very slight prick

When does the result occur?

The result is available immediately after the procedure.

What about after the procedure?

In the days after the procedures, do not expose yourself to high temperatures /sun, steam bath, solarium/, do not traumatize the injected area /pressure, visit to the dentist, heavy physical exertion/. 24 hours after the procedure do not use cosmetic products /make-up, lipstick/ and do not take alcohol. To increase the effectiveness, increased water intake is recommended for 2 weeks /over 2 liters per day/.

Is there a refund?

It is normal to have mild redness, swelling or small bruises after the procedure. They subside within a few days.

How long does the result last?

It depends on the area, the amount of product used, and the rate at which your body breaks down the hyaluron. The standard duration of the effect lasts from 5 months to about 1 year.

What is the difference between so-called RHA dynamic fillers and dermal fillers?

RHA is a type of hyaluronic fillers, an original development of the Swiss laboratories of Teoxane. What distinguishes them is the dynamic hyaluronic acid contained in them - its structure is such that it makes it more flexible and strong for a longer period of time compared to normal. The result is that it moves simultaneously with the mobile areas of your face and so retains their natural shape and appearance.

Dermal fillers include all types, not just those based on hyaluronic acid.

What contraindications are there?

  • for pregnant women,
  • breastfeeding,
  • patients with hyaluronic acid sensitivity,
  • patients with autoimmune diseases and other diseases of the immune system.
  • presence of herpes and infections in the treated area

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