Rejuvenation by laser carbon peel

Лазерен Карбонов пилинг

Laser carbon peel is a quick and painless rejuvenation procedure that aims to improve the skin's condition. The procedure itself is non-invasive, painless, no recovery time, and safe for all skin types.

It is especially suitable for people with oily skin, acne, enlarged or clogged pores. Sun-damaged skin is also very beneficial. The result is a significant reduction in oiliness and impurities, an even complexion is restored. Stimulated collagen synthesis leads to a more taut, visibly refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

What is the carbon peel procedure?

Подмладяване Карбонов Пилинг Варна

The procedure takes place in two stages. The first consists in applying carbon gel or carbon powder on the face. The aim is to cover the entire surface so that it also enters the pores, where it absorbs oil, dirt and dead cells in depth.

Then wait 10 minutes until the liquid hardens, which marks the beginning of the second phase - the laser treatment.

How is rejuvenation achieved?

пилинг подмладяване

The laser treatment also takes place in two parts. The first is with the Nd:YAG laser, which operates on very short pulses. The light is absorbed by the carbon particles, allowing it to penetrate deep into the pores. The result is a remodelling of the pores themselves - shrinking them and lowering the oiliness in them. Bacterial growth is also greatly reduced, reducing the long-term appearance of acne. The second part involves the use of the same laser, but at a higher frequency, which breaks down the carbon layer into microparticles and removes it from the skin, along with other impurities on it

The removal of the most superficial layer of the epidermis leads to accelerated collagen synthesis and the activation of fibroplasts under the effect of laser light. The result is fresher and rejuvenated skin.

Laser peeling is accompanied by a slight warming sensation in the treatment area, without pain. The big advantage here is the short recovery period. After the procedure, the patient's face is slightly flushed for a few days, fully recovering within a week.

Laser carbon peeling is performed in sessions of 2-3 treatments at intervals of 3-4 weeks. However, the main effect is usually achieved in the first treatment, with subsequent treatments aimed at smoothing it out and keeping it for longer.

When Laser Peeling is applied:

  • Acne scars
  • Oily skin and enlarged pores
  • Fine lines and medium deep wrinkles
  • Pigment spots
  • Uneven complexion
  • Photodamaged skin
  • Melasma
  • Restore damaged skin

Zones of Application

  • Decal
  • Neck
  • Neck
  • Whole face
  • Sensitive areas around the eyes, above the mouth, etc.

What result to expect?

Laser carbon peeling is very effective for improving the condition of skin that is highly oily or with enlarged pores. In case the patient has exacerbated acne or acne scars, several treatments may be needed to achieve the full result. Visible stretching of fine lines and wrinkles is usually noticeable after the first treatment.

омазнена кожа пилинг

The skin is visibly refreshed, the turgor improved and the stimulation of new collagen restores its elasticity and therefore leads to a more youthful appearance.

Like chemical peels, carbon peels produce lasting but not permanent results. By having maintenance treatments at set intervals of 5-6 months, you can retain the effect for long.

Are there any side effects ?

With the exception of slight redness at the treatment site and possible irritation during the first day, no serious side effects were observed. After the procedure, you will be able to return to your daily routine very quickly. All this makes it very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

лазерен лифтинг

Before each treatment at SanaMedic, each patient undergoes a consultation by a qualified dermatologist to find the best solution for the specifics of your skin and the needs of each case. The goal is to achieve your desired result efficiently, in the most favorable and safe way for your health.


Една процедура – 120 лв 

При закупуване на пакет от три процедури и повече получавате отстъпка (30%)


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