Hyaluron in the lips - what you need to know

Hyaluron in the lips - what you need to know

*The article was edited by dermatologist Dr. Gloria Dimitrova

хиалурон в устните

Before you put hyaluron in your lips!

Plump cheekbones, voluminous lips, smoothed skin - some get them by birth (we can't blame them), others with a little help from the dermatologist and a hyaluron in the lips or some other place on the face. And if watching your favorite TV host or live from a famous influencer you can't guess which of the 2 categories they fall into- well, that's exactly the idea of a properly placed hyaluronic filter.

Placement of hyaluron filter is the most used method for volumizing and shaping various parts of the face in recent years (especially hyaluron in the lips), mainly due to the fact that the procedure is quick and the effects are instant. The method is also one of the safest- here we are proceeding on the premise that you have done your research and are leaving yourself in the hands of an educated and proven professional.

In this regard, to help you in the research part, we have prepared this article for you with information on the things you should know before proceeding to the hyaluron placement in the lips or any other place on your face.

Difference between hyaluron and botox?

To begin with, we would like to make two basic distinctions that sometimes cause patient confusion and clarify the logic behind each of them - the difference between hyaluron and botox.

Botox is a toxin that prevents the muscle from contracting-"paralyzes" it-and thus prevents it from forming wrinkles and lines.

The action of Hyaluronic acid is quite different. Its role is to fill the lost volume. With the aging process, the amount of natural hyaluronic acid in the body becomes less and as a result, the skin roughens and loses elasticity. By injecting hyaluronic acid, the lost volume is restored and a tightening effect is achieved, which clears lines and wrinkles. The placement of hyaluron in the lips, on the other hand, aims to give more volume.

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хиалурон                                            хиалурон в устните

Main types of hyaluronic fillers

Now that we've clarified the difference, we'll tell you a bit about the basic types of hyaluronic fillers:

permanent - хиалурон в устните  they are composed of substances that are non-degradable for the body (most often silicone), which makes them permanent. This also makes them more dangerous- they have more side effects and carry a risk of malignancy. They are almost no longer used in aesthetic dermatology.

collagen stimulators- the difference from hyaluronic is that in addition to filling wrinkles on the skin, they aim to stimulate the synthesis of natural collagen. Stronger connective tissue is formed and the skin becomes plumper and firmer. The result is longer lasting.

Temporary the most used are those based on hyaluronic acid. It is an essential component of many organs in the human body, including our skin. Its main role is to be a natural hydrator- it maintains the volume of the skin thanks to its ability to attract and retain water within itself. Over time, the aging process causes its quantity to decrease, its volume to drop and wrinkles to appear. Hyaluronic acid injection aims to restore the lost hyaluronic acid. And because it is a natural part of our body, over time it is absorbed by the body without causing any unwanted side effects.

Why is putting hyaluron in the lips the preferred method?

The main reason this is the most preferred method is that it allows adding volume or removing the appearance of wrinkles in just a few minutes spent at the doctor. Another great advantage is the great leeway they provide the dermatologist- in case your lip volume is not enough, it is not a problem to add extra hyaluron, or if there are asymmetries, they can be easily corrected. In the reverse hypothesis, if the volume obtained is more than desired or the final result is unsatisfactory- hyaluronic acid can be easily broken down with the help of a special enzyme and thus removed.

хиалурон в устните

In turn, hyaluronic fillers (fillers) are divided into different groups. Depending on the type of effect that is intended; the area where it is applied and the depth of injection- there are differences in composition and structure. For example, if we need slight corrections for some fine lines we would use a filler with a lower density, the opposite is true when we are working on a more extensive area and need more visible volume- for example in the cheekbones.

The most important things to research before getting hyaluron in your lips!

Okay, now that we're clear on what the different types of fillers are and how they work it's time to focus on the next important aspect in your research - these are the brand of the fillers and the specialist who puts them on you. Among the most well-known brands , you have probably heard of are Juvederm; Restylane is another well-established brand. We at SanaMedic rely on the symbol of uncompromising quality and continuous innovation in the beauty industry - the Swiss-based Teoxane and their products  Teosyal. But whichever brand you decide to trust, the most important thing you should pay attention to is whether the product you are injecting is EU approved and has a safety certificate. This ensures that it has been produced using patented technology, has been carefully researched and tested for many years before being released on the market. This is something you should not compromise on as it has a direct bearing on your health and its safety.хиалурон в устните варна

As safe as a procedure is, remember that it is as safe as competent as the one who performs it. The insertion of hyaluron into the lips should be performed only by a qualified specialist-dermatologist, with sufficient experience and which is certified to operate with the products it puts you. A prepared doctor knows the anatomy of the human face and the location of the various blood vessels on it, he also knows how to react if necessary to prevent complications. Imagine the consequences if the procedure is performed by someone who does not know all the specifics and risks. Inserting hyaluron in places not designated for this purpose or even worse by persons without the necessary expertise expose your health to serious danger. After all, beauty is all about health, and health comes first.

Price for putting hyaluron in the lips?

We won't lie to you, hyaluron injections are not among the cheapest aesthetic adjustments you can get. If someone is trying to convince you otherwise and offer you prices that are too low- then is too good to be true. Prices vary according to different factors, but the basic rule is that the price of the procedure should not be below 400 BGN. - this is the minimum price to be able to count on some quality. Really good quality hyaluron is now in the range of 450 BGN and up.

Does it hurt and how long does the effect last?

Inserting hyaluron into the lips is not considered a painful procedure, in addition, some fillers also contain the ingredient lidocaine, which numbs sensitivity when injected. Also, the area is pre-anesthetized by applying anesthetic in the form of a cream.

The duration of the effect varies between 4 months to not more than 1 year4 months to not more than 1 year- depending on how you take care of yourself and how quickly your body will resorb the hyaluron.

хиалурон в устните

It is also important to know in which cases hyaluron should not be placed in the lips

Важно е също така да знаете в кои случаи хиалуронът не трябва да се поставя в устните.

-the presence of herpes and infections in the treated area. This increases the risk of spread when injected. In such cases, wait for these to subside before proceeding with insertion. Any ethical and experienced professional would refuse to inject you with hyaluron in such a condition.

- in certain immune diseases. Therefore, the procedure is always preceded by a consultation with a specialist.

- when pregnant or breastfeeding

These are the main factors to consider when making your choice. Our personal advice is to have "done your homework" and spend a long time in research and checking. Putting it in takes minutes, but the result will stay with you for months.

That is why the philosophy of SanaMedic has always been "Your health and beauty the focus of our efforts". Because we believe that safety comes first.



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